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About HeadCoach for Physicians

HeadCoach for Physicians is a workplace mental health training program for Physicians supervising trainees.

This program has been crafted to help people in leadership positions better recognise and understand mental health in the workplace, and highlight what supervisors can do to help keep their  trainees as healthy and productive as possible.

HeadCoach for Physicians consists of 3 topics:

  • Common Mental Illnesses
  • Helping Trainees You’re Concerned About
  • Minimising Mental Health Risks At Work

Each of these topics will have a set of 10-minute modules to work through. Completion of the program can occur in one go or spread out over a few days, or a few weeks. This freedom and flexibility has been incorporated in the design so learning pace is matched to individual styles and to ensure supervisors can fit HeadCoach for Physicians into their busy schedules.

HeadCoach for Physicians is one of the evidence-based products that make up the larger Prevention Hub – Australia’s first integrated research translation initiative focusing on preventing anxiety and depression in workplaces, schools, and healthcare settings. HeadCoach for Physicians can be used on any internet-enabled device, including computers, tablets (e.g. iPads) and smart phones.